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Support Mazury - Aviva Community Funding Voting

Aviva Community Funding Grant - Voting closes 20th November 2018

As part of Mazury’s preparation to celebrate it’s 70th year we are running extra workshops to make sure our big performance is March is the best experience for all that come to see it, to enable us to run these workshops we have applied for a grant from the Aviva Community Funding Programme, this will help to cover the running costs of these workshops along with the hall hire where they will take place.

From its modest start in 1949, Mazury has become an ever-expanding outlet for young people to come together and experience not only the joy of dancing and singing together but to enjoy the much needed social contact which, with the closure of so many youth clubs, is nowadays often hard to find. Mazury welcomes young people (aged 7+), and through dance workshops boosts their self-confidence, their physical well-being and provides real-life experiences of leadership and teamwork. With over 100 members of the group, the project will have a huge impact not only on the group itself but also on the local community. 

As a charity based group finding funding is always difficult and with the rapidly expanding numbers within the company. So, if you would like to help Mazury continue with what they do, please visit the link to the Aviva Community programmes page and register to vote for Mazury (it takes 2 minutes to do and only needs an email address) . Your support means so much to us as a group, as it means that we can continue to thrive, perform and support our local youth network.

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