Dance company of the Polish YMCA
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Dance Company of the Polish YMCA


Mazury - Dance Company of the Polish YMCA

Welcome to Mazury Dance Company, one of the largest and longest-established Polish dance groups in the UK. Set up in 1949, we now have more than 100 members in three groups. For over 65 years we have continued to perform Polish national and regional songs and dances to audiences thoughout the UK and Europe, and to help raise money for charity through our performances. Our colourful and beautiful costumes, energetic and exuberant dances, evoke the unquenchable spirit of Poland!





➤ Rehearsals

Take place on Fridays

Junior group (from age 7): 6-7pm
Middle group: 7-8pm
Senior group: 8-10pm

➤ Location

All Saints Church Hall, Elm Grove Road, London W5 3JH


Mazury Dance Company is based at

Polska YMCA, 20 Gunnersbury Avenue, London W5 3QL | +44(0) 20 8992 5699


What keeps us going?


The primary reason we exist is to bring people together in the passion, fun and excitement that is Polish Folk Dancing! We welcome people of all ages and abilities, with our youngest members starting from just 7 years old, and many people still dancing several decades on.

Running all three groups are Artistic Director & Choreographer Zosia Lesiecka and her partner Lucjan Santos-Witkowski, Dance Instructor & Choreographer.

Music & Song

Marylo Kolendo, our Musical Director, is the talent and creativity behind our music. Passionate and knowledgable,  Maryla will source original scores, and transpose pieces by hand for the 7-piece band and choir.  


With each dance coming from a different region, we do our best to uphold the correct traditional dress, embracing their colours and vibrancy.

Leading the way in keeping our costumes in order is Wisia Saller, who leads an army of group members, friends and family, who volunteer to embroider, sew and who have made most of our 1000s of costumes and props.

We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.
— Friedrich Nietzsche


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If you would like further information, or if you or your child would like to join, please either use the contact details on this page or the form below.

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