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Mazury Dance Company of the Polish YMCA

Mazury - Dance Company of the Polish YMCA

Mazury Dance Company is an internationally acclaimed Polish folk song and dance group. It is one of the largest and longest-established Polish dance groups in the UK. Set up in 1949, we have more than 120 members across three groups. Over the years we have performed Polish national and regional songs and dances to audiences throughout the UK and Europe. Our colourful and beautiful costumes, energetic and exuberant dances, evoke the unquenchable spirit of Poland! As a charity ourselves we strive to raise money and awareness for both ourselves and other community organisations like us, through both our performances and various events throughout the year, please get in contact if you would like to join us.

Mazury 70th Anniversary Show

Sunday 3rd March 2019

On Sunday 3rd March Mazury celebrated their 70th Anniversary with an incredible sellout concert at the New Wimbledon Theatre with an audience of 1000. For more info and photos please visit our Facebook Page


Further publicity can be found at the following sites

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➤ Rehearsals - Take place on Fridays

Junior group (age 7-11): 6-7pm (Waiting list at present)
Middle group (age 11-16): 7-8pm
Senior group (age 17+): 8-10pm

➤ Rehearsal Location

All Saints Church Hall, Elm Grove Road, London W5 3JH

☎ Mazury CONTACT

Mazury Dance Company: Polska YMCA, 20 Gunnersbury Avenue, London W5 3QL

Zosia Lesiecka +44 (0)7515 362170

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Latest shows 

What Have we been up to?

To see more, visit our News page to see what we have been up to 

Most Recent Show:

2nd May 2019: Lancaster House - Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 250th Anniversary - Mazury had the honour of greeting (& performing for) guests of Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki at a reception at the stunning St James’s Lancaster House. The celebratory event marked the 250th anniversary of the establishment of a permanent Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth diplomatic presence in the United Kingdom and 100 years of renewed UK-Poland diplomatic relations.

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Upcoming Events

What’s coming up? Lots!

We are continuing our exciting year celebrating our 70th Anniversary in 2019, with an an eclectic mix of events already in the diary, we do hope that you will join us along the way to celebrate! If you would like any further information on these, please get in contact

5 October 2019: Mazury’s 70th Anniversary Ball, Copthorne Tara Hotel, South Kensington

What lies at heart?


"Hard work, ambition, talent, good luck, serendipity and above all, friendship, are what make Mazury" (Wlodek Lesiecki)

The primary reason we exist is to bring people together. Passion, fun and a commitment to upholding Polish culture and traditions through dance and song lie at our heart! We welcome people of all ages and abilities, with our youngest members starting from just 7 years old, with many people still dancing several decades on. Running all three groups are Artistic Director & Choreographer Zosia Lesiecka and her husband and Dance Instructor & Choreographer Lucjan Santos-Witkowski.

Music & Song

Maryla Kolendo, our Musical Director, is the talent and creativity behind our music and song. Passionate and knowledgable, Maryla will source original scores, and transpose pieces for the 7-piece band and choir.  


Leading the way in keeping our costumes in order is Wisia Saller. Volunteers (comprising of group members, friends and family) embroider, maintain, sew and make our costumes and props. National costumes of Poland vary by region. We make every effort to maintain authenticity and to stay true to the origins and variations of each regional costume.


Get in touch

If you would like further information, or if you or your child would like to join, please either use the form on our Contact page or email us on  Please note that any information provided will only be used for contacting you regarding Mazury and Polish YMCA activities and events.

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We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.
— Friederich Nietzsche